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Nuri - Momma Dog and Pups Abandoned in the Desert

NuriNuri and her little family were abandoned in the desert behind a brush pile near our Sanctuary. In the desert at that time of year the temperatures go way up in the day and plummet at night. Our staff didn't even know they were there until they heard the puppies crying.

They went searching and found the little family: Nuri, an extremely frightened and guarding momma and 5 puppies - 3 of whom were already dead.

NuriC.A.R.E.'s people gathered up the puppies but Nuri was frantic and bit an employee, so she could only be gathered inside using a "catch pole". She and her surviving two puppies are safe now. She is still very wary and mistrusting. We are working to help her trust us and know she is safe, but it's going to take some time. She is a very unusual looking doggie. Our guesstimate is that she's part English Bull Terrier and maybe Black Lab; the first might account for her unusual facial structure. She's not very big - probably 35-40#; all black and sleek.

Guri and SimoneHer two puppies are little girls, all black with white mittens and chests, and have been named Guri and Simone. They have tripled and then some in size in the month they've been in the Sanctuary. We really can't tell yet what their daddy's breeds may have been; possibly Shepherd or Lab. They are going to grow up to be a lot bigger than their momma and are ready for their forever homes.