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The Animal Sanctuary

You may wonder why we've chosen to locate our place so far from Los Angeles. The answer is simple - property properly zoned for kennels and catteries is in extremely short supply in the metro Los Angeles area. And when we rescued the "survivors" in 1998, we didn't have much time to pick and choose the spot we would make their home. And, so here it is, about 1 hour away from Los Angeles in the High Desert!

As you can see, Our Place is a rustic affair. We don't have the funds or people power to make it pretty, as we'd like to, but it works and the fur folk are comfortable, happy, well-fed and well-loved. Everybody has access to an outdoor area where they can feel the wind ruffle their whiskers!

However, it is time for some improvements - most of the buildings are almost 60 years old!  We have quite a few older dogs and we want them to be cozy, especially in the cold winter days. We are located in the High Desert and temperatures reach over 100 in the summer and below freezing in the winter. The cats are housed in a 3 room house that was built in the 1950's and is in desperate need of upgrades and expansion.  So, now we are making it happen and are in the process of building two large buildings equipped with swamp-coolers and heaters with an indoor and outdoor space for kitties and each of our rescued dogs. You can help us make this happen by donating using our PayPal link on the left or at GoFundMe . Click here to view some pics of our very slow but sure building progress!

Welcome to C.A.R.E! Welcome to C.A.R.E.! The Front Gate Sanctuary entrance
Dog Exercise Yard Doggie Exercise Yard The Neighborhood The neighborhood
5th Wheel from Robert Gentino 5th Wheel from Robert Gentino Wintertime Wintertime...brr!